Is the ‘Kill Switch’ good or bad?

Apple has created a “kill switch” that can prevent stolen iPhones from being used without the iPhone owner’s iCloud account login.

The NYT explains,

That comes in handy in a few cases. People buying a used iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via eBay or Craigslist, for example, can ask for the identification number of the device before agreeing to buy it. Resellers, or businesses that buy used phones, could also require sellers to share the identification number of each iPhone so they can check whether the device has Activation Lock turned on before offering to buy it.

While it’s important to deter thievery, it is not welcoming to know that Apple could shut down your phone at any point. If they can do that, it means we don’t own our phone. And if Apple can do that, it means the government can order them too…

One thought on “Is the ‘Kill Switch’ good or bad?

  1. now weigh the chance that a thief will steal your phone vs the chance the Govt will order Apple to shut down your phone. Which is greater?


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