10 year old changes the way we think about charity — Make A Stand (app)

We’ve seen many leverage the wisdom of crowds. (James Surwieki wrote a great book on it. See my post)

a) Seeking Alpha is a crowd sourced financial platform the leverages the wisdom of 1,000s of investors who can cover 1,000s of stocks.

b) Lending Club has issued over $5 B in peer 2 peer loans since its inception.

c) Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Jewcer popularized crowdfunding

Now — a 10 year old has created an app – Make a Stand – to change the way people donate.

The app “allows people to set up a crowdfunding campaign for a charity in just a minute. You select the charity, post a picture and send it to your friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Make a Stand serves as the intermediary, taking 4.9 percent of the donation as a transaction fee but also vetting the charities through a relationship with guidestar.org, the charity rating and information organization.” (NYT)

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