FreeSpeech prevails. How a single movie has set a major precedent.

Over the past month, a satirical movie – The Interview – about a journalist’s interview and planned assassination of NK dictator – has put us on the verge of a major cyberwar between the USA, its major corporations and hackers around the globe.

What is a cyberwar? And, what will the first cyberwar will look like:

  1. How long will it last? (Until now, most attacks, that we’ve heard about are temporary DDOS attacks..
  2. How do we value the amount of data revealed, stolen, destroyed?
  3. If they attack our banks, stop our ATM machines, how do we retaliate?

There have been some discussions on the topic. But, it’s a lot less obvious how to identify a cyber attacker than to identify a plane shooting at you.

I hope my questions are never answered, and I hope that my blog will still be around tomorrow.

In case its not, I want to say that I am proud of Sony, Microsoft, Google, the movie theaters who decided to screen the movie, and their teams for not capitulating to terrorism and for standing up for free speech. I only wish companies like Apple and Facebook would do the same.

(If my blog gets hacked, at least I’ll know I spoke up in favor of free speech.)

Whether to see the movie? I’ll exercise my 5th amendment rights to remain silent.

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