Education Technology (EdTech) is the next wave.

The education field has been ripe for disruption for quite some time. Khan Academy is the flagship venture representing how technology can “flip the classroom” and improve education. (Watch Khan’s video). Salman Khan founded Khan Academy in 2006, and received a grant from the Gates foundation which enabled it to grow. Since then, it has garnered a list of accolades. But, as a not-for-profit, it’s relies on donations not paying customers.

Recently, VCs are pouring money into for-profit, edTech ventures. The NYT’s highlights two other companies: Pluralsight and Remind.

Notable financing deals include Pluralsight, a company that provides online training to technology professionals, which raised $135 million; Remind, a free messaging service for teachers to communicate with students and parents, which raised $40 million from venture capital firms including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; and Edmodo, an online social network customized for classroom use that is free to individual teachers, which raised $30 million.

The area is still young.  Maybe WhatsDue will make the list next year?

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