Is technology changing the way we marry?

In India it is, according to the NYTimes.

n the USA, the way people find dates has been disrupted by dating websites and apps.”

  • “In 2013 59% agree that online dating is a good way to meet. [7]” (E.g. OkCupid,,,, etc.)

People in the USA use these sites and apps to date, 88% still claim to meet their spouses or significant others off-line. (PEW)

But, in India, a century long tradition of arranged marriages is being modified by technology and “marriage” websites to create semi-arranged.

“For centuries, fathers sought matches among their social connections, often with the help of local matchmakers who carried résumés door to door. But village-based kinship networks are fading as more families move to cities, and highly educated women often cannot find men of equal standing in those circles. Under such strains, families have sought larger networks, increasingly through matchmaking sites.” (NYT)

Human Right Activists are rightly happy that women are now getting input into who they marry.

Those urbanized Indians shifting to semi-arranged marriages say the change could not have happened nearly as quickly without the growth of matrimonial websites and the proliferation of cellphones, which have given young Indians a way to converse away from the prying ears of their families.

Hopefully, technology will continue to help people find their future marriage partners.


#1 – While Judaism has many different approaches to marriage, Jewish tradition requires man and wife to both be in favor of the marriage and requires the spouses to meet before marrying.

#2 – Personally, I cannot imagine dating before cellphones or skype. How did people deal with traffic? Being late? (But, i guess people learned to be open and communicate f2f (Face to face) instead of texting and emailing.

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