Simple Online Tools to Make Hiring Easier (HBR)

Diomidis Spinellis writes some amazing advice to make hiring easier. (full article)
My highlights below:
  • “Don’t even think about inviting paper CVs. These are certain to bog you down if you receive more than a handful of applications. Instead, create a Google form where job seekers can enter their details. Once an applicant submits a form, the details get automatically entered into a spreadsheet, which makes comparing the entries much easier.”
  • …Make the form’s fields easy for you to process. You can quickly tally in a spreadsheet answers to multiple choice, checkbox, and number fields, so prefer these types. In contrast, evaluating free text fields requires a human eye; use such fields sparingly.
  • …If you’re hiring as a team (which you should be doing), once the application deadline expires share the Google spreadsheet with the rest of the team, allowing each member to vote on the applicants. One method I’ve used, is to give team members a fixed number of votes (say 20), and ask them to allocate these among the applicants. I also allowed for negative votes to let members identify particularly risky applicants. Create a separate spreadsheet column for each of your colleagues’ votes. To avoid the groupthink trap, set the vote cell font color to white, thus obscuring the votes from other team members. For higher confidentiality you can create a separate voting form, where applicants are identified by a unique identifier, such as their email. You can then merge the results of the two forms with a simple spreadsheet lookup formula.

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