The future of communication — is it gifs?

GIFs – or short animations are becoming more popular, and according the NYTimes raising a lot of capital. Why?

Every day, 23 million of the brief animations are posted to Tumblr, and millions a day are sent on Facebook’s messaging app

Twitter may have limited how much content a journalist can write. (Max. 140 characters) But, GIFS may be changing the entire we communicate. A gif evokes emotion – laughter, anger, shame, love, happiness, and of course, the emotion and degree of emotion is subjective.

Is it possible that people are beginning to express emotions, no longer in person, nor in text, but not through animated movie clips created by other people, as if to say that other people can better express their emotions?

If yes, this is a deeply concerning question because it means that we are forfeiting our emotional expression to other peoples.

Of course, it may not mean that. It may just mean that we enjoy a good laugh and we use emotional clips to enhance how we communicate our emotions.

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