The Power of Wearables (#1)

Personal disclaimer: I have begun doing research on wearable devices. 1) Please send me anything you have related to wearable devices 2) Please let me know if you wear wearable technology 

There is no doubt that wearable devices are here. They are getting better and soon we will all be wearing them.

Their (exponential) impact is still unclear. And, how soon also unclear. but, here is some stuff that the economist covered over a year ago!

Disney invested around $1 billion to build a system in which people use a wristband (called a MagicBand) to get on rides, pay for food and enter their hotel rooms. The technology is convenient for guests, who have to carry around fewer cards, but probably costs them more in the end, because it is so easy to buy something without thinking of the bill. The bands let Disney collect data in real time about the traffic their rides and restaurants are getting, so as to deploy staff to the right places. Other firms are taking tentative steps in a similar direction. Carmakers such as Hyundai are creating apps to let people unlock and start their cars remotely with their watches and phones.

Please let me know what area you me to cover in comments section.

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