What is deep learning?

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“Deep Learning” is a term used to refer to a branch of Machine Learning. Deep Learning leverages computation power to solve complex problems.

Recently, Deep Learning made news headlines when Alphabet’s AlphaGo (DeepMind) computer program defeated international Go champion Lee Se-Dol . Go is an ancient Chinese game that is computationally far more complex that Chess.

Why is this so significant?

  1. Beating the international champion demonstrated the advancements in deep learning.
  2. Machine Learning is already used in recommendation algorithms such as “Netflix” and “Amazon”. Facebook and others use similar algorithms to identify people photos, curate your newsfeed.
  3. The power of Machine Learning is going to continue to increase. We will be able to learn meaningful insights and enhance our economy as a result. For instance, “The machine learning techniques at the heart of AlphaGo already drive so many services inside the Internet giant—helping to identify faces in photos, recognize commands spoken into smartphones, choose Internet search results, and much more. They could also potentially reinvent everything from scientific research to robotics.” (Wired) Hopefully, these advancements will increase the well-being of mankind.

AlphaGo teaches us two important lesson.

  1. Always keeps learning. As Hassabis [CEO of AlphaGo] says, AlphaGo is always learning.
  2. Research took many years. AlphaGo is a project that required many years of investment. It wasn’t not an overnight success.

I recommend reading this article from Nature or viewing this Youtube video to learn how AlphaGo works.

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