Status Quo

Just some musings

Why is the status quo so hard to change? I believe the status quo is so hard to change b/c inertia is so strong.

  1. Newtons 1st law of physics: Inertia.
    1. An object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a force

For the status quo to change an outside force must act upon it. A rally, a protest, or movement must will itself to change the status quo.

What if we ignored the status quo? What if we challenged ourselves to create a better world, today without accepting the status quo? What if we were tasked with designing a new system from scratch?

Covid-19 has forced us rethink a lot about our daily status quo’s:

  • What businesses and works are essential?
  • Do we need to live in densely populated cities?
  • Is school educating our children or allowing parents to work or both?
  • Will Zoom replace the classroom or the boardroom?
  • Can we celebrate joyous occasions with modest affairs?
  • What does “innocent until proven guilty” mean in the 21st century?
  • What does journalism and journalist integrity mean when there is no accountability and everyone is a journalist or blogger?
  • Are all opinions equal? What makes someone an expert ?
  • Free speech vs Propoganda
  • What does society do when saving lives and saving jobs seem like competing values?
  • What is the role of Government in our daily lives?

I find myself reflecting on these and more questions these days.

I’m thinking aloud. I don’t have anything deep or profound to write. But, asking about the status quo’s is profound.

So, if you’re reading this: think about your day and ask yourself about 1 aspect of your life – why is that the status quo?



One thought on “Status Quo

  1. Man is a creature of habit. It takes time and great effort to learn new habits, new ways to act and think. That’s why the status quo is so hard to change.

    Keep asking the good questions. 🙂 That is one of the many things I love about you.

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    Sincerely yours, HARRY J. REIDLER (201) 408-4177



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