Why Time Management may be ruining our lives?

I enjoy listening to productivity and growth podcasts and reading time-management and self-help books. We must be careful, though, that productivity and efficiency remain means and never goals. Oliver Burkeman correctly cautions us: (Full Read) But the modern zeal for personal productivity, rooted in Taylor’s philosophy of efficiency, takes things several significant steps further. If … Continue reading Why Time Management may be ruining our lives?

Does your “To do list” behave like a Queue, a Stack, or a Priority Queue?

What is your “To do list”: A queue, a stack, or a priority queue? Tl:dr In collaborative environments, people send and receive requests from many people. Individuals should process incoming requests and add them to their priority queue. Individuals should send descriptive requests to others with a clear deadline and level of importance. What are … Continue reading Does your “To do list” behave like a Queue, a Stack, or a Priority Queue?

Why I stopped signing emails: “Please advise”.

Email is a fantastic tool that enables asynchronous communication across the globe. However, we all suffer from the too much email. For two months, I have tried to stop signing emails with an open-ended phrase like "Please advise, or What do you think? (WDUT?)". Why? Ambivalence Unclear expectations: The recipient is often overwhelmed what he can, … Continue reading Why I stopped signing emails: “Please advise”.

Breathlyzer : Drinking&Driving || Textalyzer : Texting&Driving

Would you hand your phone to a stranger? Perhaps.  Would you let a stranger use your computer? Most people, this time, say no. Why the difference? Perception. People rightfully believe that their computer contains an enormous amount of confidential and proprietary information. In the hands of a malicious stranger, the stranger can do a lot of damage. … Continue reading Breathlyzer : Drinking&Driving || Textalyzer : Texting&Driving

What is deep learning?

Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. "Deep Learning" is a term used to refer to a branch of Machine Learning. Deep Learning leverages computation power to solve complex problems. Recently, Deep Learning made news headlines when Alphabet’s AlphaGo (DeepMind) computer program defeated international Go champion Lee Se-Dol . Go is an ancient Chinese game that is computationally far more complex that Chess. Why is this so significant? Beating the … Continue reading What is deep learning?

E-commerce, What does the price mean?

The NYTimes  wrote an expose on e-commerce sites exploiting customers looking for a "deal". What the sites do? Websites (e.g. Overstock, etc.) show expensive prices to portray expensive merchandise Websites show discounts to convince customers that they are getting a deal. Some websites (e.g. Amazon, eBay) have timed-deal to create urgency. Are there problems with these tactics?  There is no problem … Continue reading E-commerce, What does the price mean?

The future of communication — is it gifs?

GIFs - or short animations are becoming more popular, and according the NYTimes raising a lot of capital. Why? Every day, 23 million of the brief animations are posted to Tumblr, and millions a day are sent on Facebook’s messaging app Twitter may have limited how much content a journalist can write. (Max. 140 characters) But, GIFS may … Continue reading The future of communication — is it gifs?