InstaCart and food delivery businesses?

Will the instant delivery businesses survive? Kozmo failed during Internet 1.0. Now, InstaCart, Amazon Prime Now, and UberEats are trying to compete. This NYTimes write up analyzes why these companies may succeed: that make it pricey for instant delivery. Hidden Costs My tests began with Instacart, which bills itself as an easy way to hire a shopper … Continue reading InstaCart and food delivery businesses?

Storefront + internet = Success?

When Steve Jobs wanted to open Apple stores, he was ridiculed by everyone. Now, some Apple stores are the highest grossing per square foot in the world. And, they're constantly packed. Now, Amazon is creating a brick and mortar store in Seattle. There are some differences. Amazon plans on selling books which have a small margins. … Continue reading Storefront + internet = Success?

Leveraging Minimal Group Paradigm to Increase the quality of Product Design

Minimal Group Paradigm is the The minimal group paradigm is a methodology employed in social psychology.[1]Although it may be used for a variety of purposes, it is most well known as a method for investigating the minimal conditions required for discrimination to occur between groups. Experiments using this approach have revealed that even arbitrary and … Continue reading Leveraging Minimal Group Paradigm to Increase the quality of Product Design

Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

“The end goal of every growth hacker is to build a self-perpetuating marketing machine that reaches millions by itself.”-- Aaron Ginn. “Growth hackers are data scientists meets design fiends meets marketers. They welcome this information, process it and utilize it differently, and see it as desperately needed clarity in a world that has been dominated … Continue reading Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday

The Power of Wearables (#1)

Personal disclaimer: I have begun doing research on wearable devices. 1) Please send me anything you have related to wearable devices 2) Please let me know if you wear wearable technology  There is no doubt that wearable devices are here. They are getting better and soon we will all be wearing them. Their (exponential) impact is … Continue reading The Power of Wearables (#1)

Big Data is changing the way real estate agents work

WSJ reports how several real estate data firms are finding information on when home-owners want to sell and how to find prospective buyers. Home owners who want to sell are targeted by online advertisements. Mr. Hoefling, the 50-year-old owner of an office-furniture resale company, had been targeted for the ad—along with 1,500 others in California’s Silicon … Continue reading Big Data is changing the way real estate agents work

“The Engineer’s Lament” by Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell's piece The Engineer's Lament in the New Yorker covers the problem that engineers face on a daily basis: How to solve a problem given a set of constraints. He covers a tragic, fatal car crash. The crash was tragic. But, the ensuing prosecution of the car manufacture and the drivers was not the smartest way … Continue reading “The Engineer’s Lament” by Malcolm Gladwell